1. Passport application forms are available on-line at Govt. of India Website at .
  1. The applicants are required to submit the following documents along with duly filled in 3 (three) copies of application forms to respective District Collectorate :-
    1. Bank Draft Rs. 1000/- for each case.
    2. Attested copy of Citizenship Certificate.
    3. Attested copy of Admit Card/School Certificate (for date of birth)
    4. Attested copy of Ration Card OR any one of the following documents as appointment letter/water Tax/telephone bill/electricity bill / running bank account etc. / Income Tax Assessment Order of last 3 years/Election Commission I.D. Card.
    5. Govt. /Public Sector/ Statutory body employees should submit No Objection Certificate (in Original)
    6. Attested copy of last qualification certificate.
    7. 6(six copies of photographs (size 3545 mm)
  2. After the application is submitted in proper manner the following actions are taken from the District Collectorate (Nodal Officer for International Passport) :-

    a) The application forms along with relevant documents are sent to Office of the S.P. (DIB) for verification.

    b) After enquiry the verification report of the applicant is sent directly to the Regional Passport Office, Kolkata by registered post.


  3. If all the reports are found favourable, passport is issued generally within 3 months approximately from the date of receiving verification reports by the Regional Passport Officer, Calcutta who sends the same to the applicant directly by post at the address recorded in the application form by the applicant.