In North Tripura District, Jampui Hills is major attraction place for Tourist. Jampui is located in North Tripura district in the Tripura. Jampui Hills can be accessed by road from Dharmanagar and Kailashahar via Kanchanpur. It can be accessed from Mizoram through Tuipuibari towards the South and from Kanhmun towards the North. Also, Helipad is available at Vanghmun and at Phuldungsei where Helicopters can land with ease. It is situated about 200 km away from Agartala. The average altitude of the Jampui Hill range is around 3200 feet from sea level. The view of rising and setting sun from various viewpoints in Jampui hills is a wonderful sight for the tourists. Tourists visiting the Jampui hill cannot afford to miss the view of the sunset and the sunrise. Various viewpoints in the hill range provide excellent panoramic views of the valley and villages of Mizoram. Orange festival celebration in Jampui Hills is also one of the major attraction for tourists.